Calisthenics & Street Workout motivation video with various clips from 2013. More Push ups, pull ups, flags, dips, handstands, jumps & so on.

I've been training for many years, various sports and different types of strength training.
This year I focused much on Calisthenics.
2013 has not only been one of my most fun years of training, but also
one of my best times of athletic progression.

Video clips from my full length videos:

10-15 Crazy Extreme Push Ups - Calisthenics Street Workout 2013 (HD)

Calisthenics Leg workout - 10-15 Variations for street/home/gym (HD)

Calisthenics Workout Motivation - Outdoor/Bodyweight

Calisthenics Handstand Push up Variations (also Basics/Progression)

& More

Also some clips from IcanIwill GoPro Workout 5 - Calisthenics / Street Workout
By Gustaf Ollas

Music: Tobu - Higher
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