OFFICIAL VIDEO World Muscle Up record on 4th Jan 2010. All the necessarry officials witnessed it, and a small crowd, the video was officially evaluated & APPROVED by Guinness World Records on 13 March 2010.


1. An overhand grip (pronated grip) must be used. The hands are to be
positioned slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and at the same level
above which the chin must rise over the bar.

2. The bar used must be straight, level and made from inflexible material (e.g. steel).

3. The participant may initially jump to grab the bar or use a step/box.
However, the body must start in a straight hang before attempting any
muscle-ups. Any muscle-ups achieved with the assistance of momentum
from a jump or step will not count toward the total.

4. Hands must grip on the bar/ring throughout the activity. The participant's
feet must not touch the floor at any point unless dismounting. The muscle-
ups performed must be continuous in nature. Any prolonged pauses will
mark the end of the attempt. The attempt will otherwise end when the
participant dismounts.

5. It is forbidden to use lower-body movements to gain momentum in the
exercise. Any muscle-up deemed to be aided in such a way will not count.

6. An experienced judge familiar with muscle-up technique (i.e. certified
personal trainer, athletics club owner) must be on hand to count the
participant's attempts. If the judge disallows any muscle-ups, they must be
deducted from the total, but mentioned in evidence.


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