Interview with Jean-Clement Smith (Capetown)

Our guest today is Jean-Clement Smith from Capetown, South Africa. And his story is a good example how hard work and dedication can bring you strength and muscles through bodyweight exercises!

Hi! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I am from South Africa, Cape Town... I am in the medical field and studying in my second last year... Hobbies are just writing, training, playing games and spending time with the family...

It is said that medical field is extremely difficlty! How do you manage your training and studying?

Yes its really hard. Planning is one thing but doing it when your body is really tired and mind is too. Its hard...

How did you begin to train? Why did you choose calisthenics?

I was always a bodyweight person, I didnt like the weights. I was in gymnastics at a young age, was under my national team then stopped. Went into provincial athletics and soccer... Start gyming and found out about bar work and then started immediately so yeah, was a natural instinct for me...

Can you tell us about your current training sessions? What are they all about?

I honestly never plan a work out. I think a unprepared mind is stronger than a "prepared" mind. I do whatever my body can do a day. I don't plan push ups and then when I must do it I can't. I always choose what I'm going to do according to my body...

I see you have your own philosophy in this...

That's correct. I train according to my body not to the plan or workout. I feed what MY body needs and not my wants

Can you tell us exactly what did you do during your last workout?

I trained my upper body...

- <url="">Power pull ups</url>
- Triceps dips
- Push ups
- <url="">Triceps extension</url>

I did 4 sets with 10 reps in each exercise using my weight vest.

This looks kinda Hannibal For King training!

Nah I don't really follow him at all.

Is there any people in calisthenics community who you do follow then?

BarBrothers and Frank Medrano.

What do you do for legs?

Just normal squats and jumping lunges. Box jumps and pistol squats. That's it.

How long did it take you to transform your body?

It took me over a year. About a year and 3 months of hard work... I started weights in the beginning, before I did the calisthenics...

Do you have any favourite and unfavourite exercises?

My least favourite is shoulders, it always dislocates so I don't do it as much. Biggest weakness, but yeah, my favourite is back and chest.

Is Street Workout popular in South Africa?

Its not that big at all. Just a minority.

Would you give any tips to people who only starting calisthenics?

I would recommend them just to train hard and not give up. Success is built on determination and perseverance.



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