Crazy Workout Motivation with Junior Turbo (Team Inkredibles). Best of Junior Turbo.
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My name is Junior im a gym trainer i love to WorkOut and to help people to get in shape im dominican i love to cook and dance im very romantic i like to smile chill and meet new people i did mutai and box for 3 years get to know me. live in new york queens im a model i like to keep everything real i dont play game working out is my stuff i got my team name inkredibles

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Team Inkredibles are a fitness team specializing in Advanced Calisthenics from New York City. Our goal is to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Members of Team Inkredibles travel domestically and internationally to compete in professional Calisthenic competition circuits. The team was founded in Astoria Park, Queens and still remains to be the home training ground for team Inkredibles. The team consists of athletes from many diverse backgrounds with a common goal; Motivate and inspire.
Peace and stay strong.

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