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Human Flag Tutorial/Guide & Progression incl. Strength & Stability Calisthenics Exercises for Shoulders, Back (Lats), Core & Obliques. Building a strong Foundation.

See also the Tutorial Pull Up & Chin Up Progression Guide incl. 10+ Exercises (Beginners Workout)

And for Full Body, Calisthenics Intermediate Workout Routines - Full Body Guide & Exercises

Music used: Exploring the Inferno by Myuu
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Myuu: https://soundcloud.com/Myuu

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Kris Karlsson


Отправлено: 12.10.2016 14:55
Прямо как по заказу nastya_p Крис выпустил видео по флажку!
Отправлено: 12.10.2016 16:05
WasD огонь! спасибо!!
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