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★ Thank you so much - Chadoy Leon! ★
BIO: Chadoy Leon (born July 2,1992 in Mandeville,
Jamaica) is a photographer, model, dancer, actor, singer, director and videographer He started out with interest in Track and field back home in Jamaica. He has won 12 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. He found himself as a model and photographer at the age of 11 which established his other talents.
In 2004 Leon moved to New York City with his mother. Growing up in New York City, he showed more attention to photography,modeling, dancing, acting, singing, directing and videography. He created photography lines by the name of X-Ray Photography and Chadoy Leon | Fashion Photography
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17.04.2016 16:30
Не думал что с такой массой , ребята так могут .
18.04.2016 05:24
@ля! Зверь!!!
18.04.2016 19:53
С открытым ртом смотрел видео
12.05.2016 22:08
16.03.2017 20:33
04.03.2018 20:05
сколько он весит? Во мне 90 кг и я делаю все то же самое
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