This video was shot back in September 2018 when I had the chance to meet the legend himself Hannibal For King. Hannibal is known as one of the guru's and "originators" of "street workout" or "calisthenics". Hannibal has been an elusive figure in the fitness industry for years. There aren't many videos out there that highlight his personality and character. You only get to see highlight workout videos and short collaborations. In this video you get a peak into his personality and a chance to see what he's really about through his work ethic and passion for fitness.

When I first started training, Calisthenics was referred to as "street workout" and there wasn't much information or videos on the internet about it. If you happened to search it up, Hannibal For King was probably one of the most referred to key words related to street workout or calisthenics and still is.

From setting up this workout with Hannibal and meeting him, Hannibal is a very conservative / Exclusive person but at the same time a very kind and humble person as well.

This video is for people who have a passion for fitness and would like greater insight to one of the legends of the calisthenics community. Hope you enjoy, cheers!

***This is a re-upload of the original video. At the original time of the upload, I let the company I worked for post this video on their YouTube channel. I am no longer with that company and am the original owner of this video so I had that video taken down and re-uploaded it here!**

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