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A TD-StillMotion production.
Team Wingate Bringing the motivation the best way they know how.
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☆ Brooklyn born and bred, Sean “DOC” P grew up playing in Wingate park. It only seems natural that DOC would stick with his roots and begin to work out in Wingate. Over the years, he inspired many other people to do the same and eventually founded Team Wingate. Being the leader and founder of the team, Wingate members started calling him DOC, an acronym for Director of Calisthenics.

☆ David “D-Real” Boutros has always called Wingate park his home. Always an athletic kid, you could always find him playing sports or practicing his martial arts in the park. When D-Real was 16, he met DOC in the park and decided to take up calisthenics. He could only do 5 pull-ups when he began, but D-Real went to Wingate everyday to practice calisthenics. He soon joined Team Wingate and began competing. Now one of the most decorated athletes in the calisthenics world, D-Real truly lives out the Wingate motto, E.O.T.O. (Each One Teach One). For being selfless, kind and genuine, his teammates gave him the name D-Real.

☆ Jomo “Twin” Butler-Thomas was born and partially raised in St. Vincent. He moved to Brooklyn when he was 7 years old. When he turned 20, Twin joined the Marines to serve his country. While in the Marines, he was first exposed to calisthenics and quickly grew to love it. Twin was deployed to Iraq in 2003 where he served on guard duty and food service. In 2008, he returned home and became a fireman to continue serving his community. Once back, Twin found Team Wingate and got the nickname “Twin” because he has a twin brother.


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чёткие пацыки 🆒
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вообще класс 😉 баланс и сила на высоте
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а на самых первых секундах ох и могучая спина у парня... по доброму позавидовал аж 😃
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