Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and amazing backdrops at Watson Island to shoot another exciting video! Try a few of these drills to exhilarate your fitness quest! Some of these exercises are unforgiving so use caution when executing. If you are not there yet, work your way up with time. They are a sure way to burn off some unwanted fat in record time once you can maintain some consistency with your workout. Most of all have fun along the journey!

Music: Eudorix - Trust Me

Edited and Filmed by: Eric Estevez


17.03.2014 17:55
хорошие упражнения!
18.03.2014 01:36
18.03.2014 13:08
Я уже пересмотрел тысячи различных отжиманий, вопрос, только, когда их все делать?!)
19.03.2014 19:07
Вместо просмотров и делать.
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