A sample routine if you need to improve your muscle-ups! The focus is made on developing explosive strength both in push and pull motions. Also dropped in an exercise for a stronger ligaments.

PULL Exercise #1: high pull-ups
PULL Exercise #2: plyo pull-ups
PULL Exercise #3: bunny hop pull-ups

PUSH Exercise #1: bar dips
PUSH Exercise #2: plyo bench push-ups
PUSH Exercise #3: freestyle plyo push-ups

LIGAMENT Exercise: isometric training

Focus on making every rep as fast as possible while maintaining a proper form. To stay focused use "many sets low reps" technique, because more reps you do the more you will be fatigued, while you have to be fresh in the beginning of each set. Rest between sets depends on you, you should feel fresh.

Music: SП - Не верю
(free hip-hop music)

More videos: http://www.youtube.com/workoutsu
Другие видео: http://www.youtube.com/workoutsu

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