Team Wingate is a professional calisthenics team specializing in advanced bodyweight exercises. We represent the possibility of anyone and everyone being able to do things they never thought they would be able to do. Brands like p90x or insanity motivate you even more when their members post their progress testimonials. Our sport/craft/culture was birthed on viral videos and grew in size and popularity from the sharing of videos highlighting progressions and accomplishments. It is so inspiring to see someone who could barely do 1 pullup perform muscle-ups at a competitive level, and be able to teach the things he/she learned to others. It's so much more than just working out. We teach how not to be confined to gyms, weights, or even trainers. We believe in giving people the tools and information they need to not only surpass their goals, but be able to clearly convey those tools to others. The motto is "Each one Teach one"

Wingate Family - это малоизвестная команда объединившая всех кто тренируется в Wingate парке Бруклина, в это число входят: D.O.C, Cruz, и Blackout (последний также состоит и в Bartendaz), D300, B-Rock и многие другие чьи имена мы пока не знаем, но по средством видео которое выкладыватет D.O.C. в скором времени сможем открыть для себя новые таланты. Wingate Family тренируется не ради того чтобы просто стать сильнее или накачать мышцы, в своих видео они так же рассказывают о философии Calisthenics, не ограничивая себя рамками спортивной площадки. Девиз команды "Каждый учит каждого".

Team Wingate
Street Workout


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