I am co-founder & co-captain of Team Wingate(a professional calisthenics team), specializing in advanced bodyweight exercises. I am a correspondent for a fitness media coverage team/online show focusing on the athletes in the sport of calisthenics in the New York area. I am an athlete liaison for the ICF(International Calisthenics Federation) and for Metro-City Sports.

I am Brooklyn born and raised. I have always been into fitness and athletics my whole life, but I officially began taking it serious when I got certified in 2006 with Town Sports International. I have been a trainer ever since, but recently have really focused on the newer members of Team Wingate to cultivate their skills and abilities to help them transition from potential champions into fitness professionals.

Well our motto is "each one teach one", but if i had to say something to keep people motivated... "People won't necessarily believe in you just because you want them to. You have to keep working hard and make them believers. Hard work always pays off".
FUN FACT: I can pull more weight than I push, I film & edit almost all of our videos, i don't eat meat, one of my team members (ABS) worked out for 24hours(I had to bring him food)



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