We've been talking about it since last year, and now that the weather calmed down, I finally got out to Wingate to get in a few setz with D.O.C and some of the Wingate representativez. Much love & mutual respect was shown as these are some cool dudes. This is just some of the footage I got that day. Shout out to G.I. Joe, Doc, Clay, D Nice, B-Rock, Cruz, Cleive, Rick, Khaled, and a few other brothers out there.


29.07.2012 13:08
some old school!!!
29.07.2012 23:09
в чем заключается олд скул?
29.07.2012 23:24

Это видео 2008 года. С этого начинался воркаут. Вообще. И те люди, которые на видео, с них всё начиналось!!!
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