A complete and ranked compilation of almost all possibly Calisthenics Legs and Glutes Workout Exercises, Skills and Best Training Variations - from beginner to legendary level and even some unknown elements never been performed.


1) Only bodyweight is considerated for the rank.

2) The exercises are divided in 6 levels based on their difficulty, for each level the exercises are divided for their nature, in order:

- squats and jumps
- hip raises
- leg extensions
- leg curl
- calves
- glutes and others
- with gravity boots

--1-- Beginner 00:10
--2-- Amateur 2:00
--3-- Intermediate 3:47
--4-- Avdanced 5:28
--5-- Master 7:28
--6-- Legendary 10:24

3) Every skill/exercise shown can be performed harder in different ways: adding weights, avoiding muscle stretch reflex, perform it slowly, plyometric, changing legs/arms position, adding isometric pauses,...

4) I considerated only the final form of the skills (or the most significant). I didn't insert the propedeutic exercises for this moves, except for someone.

5) Obviusly is considerated only STRENGHT performance, even applicated in extreme angles and levarages (so I did not insert any cardiovascular, balance or mobility leg exercises).

6) This video is not a substitute for classic weight training (squat, deadlift, ..). If you are looking for a safe and effective training in terms of hypertrophy and basic strength, weight training is definitely better! But the concept of this video is different: the purpose is try to express as much strength as possible, even very specific, using body levers, as well as the calisthenics for the upper body. This can entail having to perform very unnatural positions and moves.. (think about the hefesto/ironcross/maltese.., they're dangerous moves and you need not only biceps power but also strong tendons and ligaments; for sure train biceps with barbell curl is safer and the hypertrophic gains are maybe bigger..) but calisthenics goals are different.. so it can involve having to push the body to extreme moves. This is the concept of the video.

7) ☡ Some of these exercises can be very DANGEROUS for your health! They can cause even grave injuries.. so don't try them if you are not sure to have a really good preparation. If you feel pain in your knees, ankles or others.. probably you are not prepared for that exercise or you performed in bad way. In any case I'm not responsable for any damage due to trying the exercises in this video.

Upgrade of elements that I didn't insert (they require also mobility):
Athlete: Joshua Butkevicius
- limbo squat -- min 0-34 --
- dragon pistol -- min 1-04 -- https://youtu.be/iqduT1o9Hrk

A special thanks goes to Massimo Kokhno and Matteo 'Deuanuis' Spinazzola. They invented and performed for the first time some of the elements shown.
Find them here:

Massimo Kokhno YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjlEJ38vWmGHum7tOiH9Lg

Matteo Spinazzola YT channel:

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sterava_sw/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stefanoravarinocalisthenics/


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