Female Calisthenics World Championship 2015 held on July 25th, 2015 in Moscow, Russia!
Athletes from 15 countries met to compete as part of the WSWCF Street Workout World Championship 2015, alongside the male athletes.

Thanks to Edward Checo of Barstarzz (www.barstarzz.com) for helping with filming the championship!

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Results :

1. Bogdanov Jessica Sandra (USA), points: 110,6
2. Kivelä Oona Katariina (Finland), points: 98,7
3. Ming Simone Sade (England), points: 94,8
4. Driessen Melanie (Netherlands), points: 87,15
5. Volenko Anna (Russia), points: 87,05
6. Leander Anna Madeleine (Sweden), points: 47,35
7. Mateova Simona (Slovakia), points: 37,6
8. Londono Garcia Maria Alejandra (Spain), points: 37,5
9. Galina Sidorenko (Russia), points: 33,3
10. Weisserova Katerina (Czech Republic), points: 33,2
11. Kellner Viktoria Ktizstina (Hungary), points: 32,5
12. Johannessen Anne Marie (Norway), points: 22,8
13. Ale Marchez (Switzerland), points: 21,5
14. Steyn Bianca (South Africa), points: 19,3
15. Tirumu Sintija (Latvia), points: 15,9


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