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Track listings and timestamps bellow.

Music Compilation and Mix from mostly Quake soundtracks.

Included are Quake 2 and Quake 3 tracks, some Quake 1 tracks and tracks/remixes influenced by Quake 1, and also a few arbitrary tracks that simply fit the mood.

Quad Damage, mostly aimed at a high adrenaline compilation for gaming or work, or any other task that can see fit for such music in the background, also features a little extra something in the form of a video clip for the song "Seizure of Power". The video is taken footage from the original named "Ultimate Quake Frag Video - AnnihilatioN HQ"

(following is a link to this video in whole) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRV0tclxXMQ


By Jim (HazaRDReborN) Soufrilas

00:00 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Audio Adrenaline
03:58 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Track 07
07:14 Nine Inch Nails - Quake Main Theme
08:28 Hamster Alliance - Quake Theme Remix
11:21 Lord Doomhammer - Forged of Hate (Quake Mod Track)
14:49 Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power
18:28 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Noise Purge
20:40 Sonic Mayhem - QII Rage
22:58 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Digital Distress
25:40 Sonic Mayhem - QII Kill Ratio
28:13 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Bass Attack
31:22 Sonic Mayhem - QII Descent to Cerberon
33:58 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Rocktronica
38:01 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Fuck U Up!
41:39 Sonic Mayhem - QII Quad Machine
45:14 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Fuel My Game
49:28 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Tribulation
53:40 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Track 9
56:15 Sonic Mayhem - QII Gravity Well
58:41 Sonic Mayhem - Q3 Anti-Logic
1:03:18 Sonic Mayhem - QII Adrenaline Junkie
1:06:07 Marilyn Manson - Cleansing

A thank you to one of the viewers for putting together a downloadable for these songs. His link can be found here:
Please let me know if you find any problems with the link as I have not tested it myself.

Also, if you like this "ROCK-TRONIC" style of music click here to check out our latest track for our upcoming game and drop us a word on your thoughts.


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