Видео / Тренировки и Отчеты / Zach Ruffo VS Gabo Saturno - Bar Wars 2k16 #1

Calisthenics athlete Zach Ruffo fights against yoga expert Gabo Saturno in the first episode of Bar Wars, the official partner event of Strength Wars.

The battle consists of:

10 muscle ups
15 burpees
20 pull ups (chest to bar)
25 dips
30 seconds handstand hold

Whoever completes this routine first wins.

Check out the latest Strength Wars - Street Workout VS Powerlifter now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpLvtKtanlY


Отправлено: 13.02.2016 23:38
интересный формат)
Отправлено: 14.02.2016 00:59

"Тяжелая" версия =)
Отправлено: 14.02.2016 14:21
Очень интересное видео.
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