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Happy Birthday to me 😃

I wasn't sure what to do for my birthday workout so I just did my regular routine. It was super hot so I went to the park to hit the bars and do my routine there. I finally made the jump from Pull-Ups to Tuck L-Sit Pull-Ups and I have to say they're hard! I'm happy to have a new challenge again. 😃 But I won't stop doing the high and explosive Pull-Ups! I'll do some reps as a warm-up to gain more power, so I may someday can touch my belly button with the bar. 😃
I also filmed my Ring Dips and they're getting better every workout. I slowly start to turn them out after each rep from now on.

Progress is great!
I currently have some wrist pain though which sucks, but I hope this will go away as fast as it appeared.

Thanks for watching!


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