I've been working on this video for about a year. Lots of injuries and set backs in between but it was worth the trouble. There are some seriously awesome window jumps here 😛. While watching also keep in mind that I weigh 90 kg 😃.

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Age: 22.... Height: 182cm (5'11")..... Weight: 90kg (197lbs)

Core video will be uploaded 2 weeks from today. 😛


27.01.2015 01:07
не воркаут,но тоже управление своим телом.Причём очень высокий уровень и очень крутые вещи в этом видео.😃
28.01.2015 04:53
Прямо как Джеки Чан в девяностых)))
28.01.2015 22:23

ну да,парень не отстал от Джеки)даже очень
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