This is a video i made joshua delgado @jdelgado5304 to show my teammates i love them to let them know their are more then just three show offz the world should remember its not always about me kevin and ryder theirs more to us then that

to both angels bald would b saying his name ralph lol i love you both you guys bring a energy like no other you guys truly push me and kevin when we are tired down and out you make the gym fun and force me to wanna be stronger cause you guys are truly two of the strongest most humblest guys i know. you energy is amazing you to need to believe more in yourself the way i believe in you two you to bring more then just raw power you guys bring a bond and friendship i cherish and thankful have

to jeff what else can i say but your a beast one of the reason me and kevin can relax knowing you will always body bag someone who try and destroy are teams name thank you for being a beast and making it look easy bro you truly don't need for me to tell you are great you shine like no other show all big man it is easy to fly it is easy to dream big and you want this more then anyone i ever met thank you so much jeff for being a beast and excepting me as your friend

to nacho you are one creative son of a gun always looking at the bar and thinking outside the box love you bro you are always their and thinking about others my way of saying thanks bro to me you made it like your last clip says bro you made it you are a show off you know this let the world see nacho and see your great soul and spirit thank you for honoring me with your friendship and dedication the only other man i know who believes in show offz as a family not just a team so much you tattooed it on you

and to neptune the big homie who can fly it is crazy seeing you never be scared and going for moves without being scared of what might happen love you bro keep pushing the limits of what a man with your frame can do

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hope you guys enjoy


25.11.2014 19:37
Давно хотел спросить. Что это за прыгалки на турниках, этому есть название или это типа воркаут такой? Поделитесь если кто знает.
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