This is the last video of the 2010 tribute. It was a very eventful & memorable year... One that i will never forget... But just in case I do... I can always checkout this 7 part series of videos:-)
Ok so this 1 counts down to the top 4 MMM of 2010:
4. Jazz breaking the new world record for MU's-
3. D300 (the World's strongest athlete) sets a new world record by doing a 300lb MU, then cements his name by performing consecutive MU's at 300lbs-
2. Bandana Redd of the Highlandaz suffers a stroke & in no time seemingly bounces back to action. He Judged all 3 major competitions, & quickly began demonstrating the power and benefits of FITNESS THRU CALISTHENICS(truly inspiring).
1. Beast decides to 1-up himself by adding to his library of moves, and showcases the "1 arm headbangaz" keeping in mind that Beast weighs almost 200lbs, this is not only something new to the world, but something that may be unattainable(he did that $#¡† with control).

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