Team :

We are street workout group named Bar Wings.
Two years ago we started to following street workout and we get motivated by side of Lazar & Dušan from Bar Brothers.
We made this video to show what we can do, if you have enough motivation.
I hope we motivated you. 😃

Starring: Marko Paradžikovič, Denis Zupančič, Alen Gnidovec

Camera : žbla , Andraz Zapotnik
editing: Andraz Zapotnik

music: Do You Really Want to Win- - Motivational Video

- Eskei83 - Red Bull Thre3Style 2013 National Final Germany (HD)
- Dr. Dre - Next Episode (CAKED UP Trap Remix)
- Tomsize & Simeon - Jump (2)


07.11.2014 00:58
Классная площадка в лесу - на природе!
07.11.2014 01:23
Да, площадка и съёмка просто отличные!
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