Increase your speed, better body coordination and explosive power with plyometric exercises and develop solid inner strength. These are clips throughout the year compiled together.

Film Credits: Yan Hamel, Reema and Juliet

Stay motivated and train hard!
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- Standard pushups
- Shoulder cross pushups
- Muay thai pushups
- Knee tuck pushups
- 90 degrees pushups
- Swimming pushups
- Arm roll pushups
- Superman pushups
- Spider plank hops
- Dragon hops
- Rotating planks
- Touch n go pushups
- Spiderman pushups
- Bouncing Superman pushups
- Muay thai chest touch pushups
- Pushup sweepers
- Plank hops
- 4 direction plank hops
- Shoulder touch single leg pushups
- Elbows to superman pushups
- Dumbbell pushups w/clap

Cuba, Powerflex Gym, YMCA, Home Sweet Home!

Full credits for the song goes here:
Classic Hip Hop Instrumental 2013 (Underground) Freestyle Rap Beat (Strings) New Instrumentals Beats

I do not own rights to this music.


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