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Take your push ups, abdominal workouts and pistols squats to the next level! Can't find a gym or outdoor park? Let your home be your playground. Strength is the foundation of everything; mind, body and soul 😃.
PS: The dumbbells are 15lbs each.

Film Credits: Juliet, couldn't thank you enough 😃

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- Weighted Rotating Jumping Lunges / Dumbbell Burpees
- Standing Shoulder Presses / Knee Back Kicks
- Weighted Russian twists / Bicycle kicks
- Weighted Punches Squat Isolation
- Weighted Overhead Pistol Squats
- Shoulder Press to Pistol Squats
- Pushup Sweepers
- Abs Isolations In & Outs
- 4 point Chair Jumps
- Single leg shoulder pushup claps
- Explosive Superman pushups

Home Sweet Home!

Full Music Credit goes here:
FOCUSED - Motivational Instrumental

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18.10.2013 16:40
он и спит с этими гантелями ...
18.10.2013 16:40
18.10.2013 17:28
очень интересная тренировка.
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