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Simple down-to-earth guy from Montreal, Canada who loves to keep active and fit, continuously pushing beyond my limits to be the strongest I can be. Join my progressions journey to calisthenics. I love to help motivate and inspire anyone who wants to try different workouts and just having fun with it.
I also build websites, like a handy man with his hammer and wrench [...] languages spoken? Primarily english and french [...] Unique. Simple. Divined [...] Discliplined, like soldiers marching in-line.

Height: 5'10 :: Weight: 175lbs
Bench: 320lbs
Deadlift: 440lbs
Squat: 430lbs
Vertical: 39 inches
Be creative, explore your mind, train hard! 😃
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"Strength over size, my #1 prize!"

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