Breakin' Convention in association with The Bar-Barians Present THE BAR JAM 6th May 2013

Featuring: UK-Barbarians, The Compound Crew, Street Strength UK, UK-Bartendaz, Get Your Weight Up, Bar-zerkers, Blockworkout, Incitefitness, PureBarz, Kennington Strict Form Squad, Tye Sets, Solo Nero, Luigi Montanez, McSharky P, Fi Silk, Zoe Loke, Chaka Bars, Timothy Shieff & the community at large. Another day to remember.

Sorry I didn't feature everyone I tried my best to feature as much action as possible. I have a ton of footage not featured. Anybody who was there on the day can gimmie a shout if you want your footage I will set up a link.

Gangbusters - DJ Grand Wizard Theodore
Not Too Far From Nothing - Jay Electronica
My World (Nas Salute) - Jay Electronica
Wu Block - The LOX, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
Gang do Tagarela - Melo da Tagarela


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