Week 2 (40reps) Day 1
5 Exercises (Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Squats, Push ups, then Sit ups, (optional) Pull ups) 5 Days Per Week for 5 Weeks. Each week you increase the reps by 20

Do NOT break (OR plan to break] repetitions into sets [no matter how much reps]. You MUST complete one exercise before starting the next one [no matter how much reps]. These exercises are meant to be done consecutively, so keep time in between sets and repetitions short [recommended: 5-10 seconds - this will hep you get better]
. ALWAYS use proper form [an exercise done incorrectly, does not give desired results] Quality is always better than quantity and GO THE DISTANCE !!!
[NOTE: I understand that this is a complex routine, especially once you enter week 3 or if you are a novice but do your ABSOLUTE best... You will (1) be better in time and (2) you will be a little SEXIER at the completion!]
[NOTE: Coupled with proper nutrition this routine will produce results, if done correctly and as stated. Nutrition=75%-80% of all fitness goals.]
-Gwen Ro

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