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Whats up everyone we will be doing a tour across the east coast stopping at different locations to teach workshops and participate in events. We would love to meet all our fans so if your able to come out and meet us that would be great. This tour will include the new york Barstarzz.
Ed : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2630599142324&set=vb.1775739204&type=3
Joel : http://youtu.be/RVQCMnkbj1g
Slow Motion Jay : http://youtu.be/gf7RVX_VrW4?t=3m54s
Vert : http://youtu.be/nRa6cTu2WkI

Here is the video of our last tour : http://youtu.be/iGGhxVzZGww

For more information on the workshops and pricing contact the gyms themselves. We are open for booking for personal training sessions, shows, or other concepts during the free time in the areas and dates listed below. Also for places in route on the way back. Would love to work with a school or a charity if possible. Once were in Florida we will hook up with the Miami division.

April 17th New Jersey Pinnacle Parkour
101 Allied Pkwy, Sicklerville, NJ

3:30 - 5:30 Beginner Workshop
Importance of warming up
Learn The Importance of Basics
How to perform a proper push up
How to perform a proper dip
How to perform a proper pull up
How to perform your first muscle up
Basic routines
Q&A along with individual attention segment

6 pm - 8 pm Advanced Workshop
Advance routine
How to work towards a front lever
How to work towards a back lever
How to work towards a planche
How to work towards explosive muscle ups
How to work towards a human flag
Advanced core routines
Q&A along with individual attention segment

April 18th Washington D.C. The Morning

April 18th Alternate Routes Gym
10939 Philadelphia Rd
White Marsh, MD 21162

3:30pm - 5:30pm Beginner Workshop (See above)
6pm : - 8pm Advanced Workshop (See above)

April 19th North Carolina General Workshop
6409 Margate Ct., Raleigh NC.

12:30pm Demonstration / Workshop

April 20th iMuscle up Pull Up Jam Lake City Florida
861 SE Academic Ave., Lake City, Florida 32025

April 21- April 23,24 Hang out in Miami

We are looking for places to stop on the way back so drop some ideas.


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