Hi everyone !

Here is my try out ! My name is Camille Tosi I was born in Hyères in the french riviera. I m 176cm tall and weight65KGs. I have been training for the past 7 months with the objective of beeing the next french barstarzz and barstarzz international. For me Barstarzz is the team which has been influencing the world of street workout and is a bit. I am not looking for a "proper" team but more for a family.I have been inspired by all of you guys through your videos and cool moves. Training as to be also fun and different and that's what I like !
Within the past 3 months I have been training with kevin soler whom I thanks for is advices and high level training.
I want to develop the sport here in france and make it grow and grow. I want to inspire people as much as I have been inspired by you guys.
I would be the proudest to be part of the family and sencond french to join the raw.
I train from Half an hour to 3 hours a day 5 days a week.
Improving and having fun are my mottos. I won't give up t'il I am done !
thanks a lot.



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