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I make that video to show to everyone why i love practise barhitting (calisthenic).
The amazing skill we can build with it , crazy move , practise everywhere , can have a lot of fun with it.

I used videos from the famous barhitter ( zef , hitman , hannibal ,nirose,littlebeastm,beast....).
Thanks to to them for their footage.
I know there is a lot of other move in each different skill but i can make only a video of 10 min and i showed the better i found with a good video quality.

If you liked it , make sure to share it with all your friend to show to everyone the wonderful world which is calisthenic !
My world record, 3 fingers on each hand planche 90 degree push up


22.07.2011 12:28
лучшая мотивация что я видел!!!
25.07.2011 15:13
даа здесь все и всё
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