We all thought Ukraine couldn't get any better than last year and Denis Minin easily proved that wrong!! It was the best time of our lives! In Zurich we spread the Bar-Culture to a whole new demographic when about 90% females registered for our B-B Workshops! And we continued over to England to meet back up with our UK Bar-Barian-Brothers to put on some massive, epic B-B Seminars. 2k12, great year for Bar-Barians and it's not even over. Zef, Bamboo and LWT (Lee Wade Turner) leave in a few days for the World Championships 2012 in Riga, Latvia. + Much more to look out for!

Special thanx goes out to Denis Minin, Alex Bego, Max Boss and Luke for their contributions to this vid.

Special thanx to Yves and Maria Kühr of M.Y. Personal Gym for their hospitality and for being great hosts at the Bar-Barians Street Workout Workshops.

Special thanx to CrossFIT Northampton for hosting the Bar-Barians Weekend Seminars, to BoxRox for sponsoring them and to Martin and Luke for filming!

And special thanx to all 21 Bar-Barians Worldwide for making this the most Bar-Baric journey ever! (even though we already know next years is gonna blow it outta the water!)


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