Showing you the technique on how to do muscle ups the easiest way. This kind of muscle up is called freestyle muscle up in street workout, but also kip muscle up / gymnastic muscle up. It’s important if you want to get better flow when doing Street workout freestyle and make tricks easier for yourself. No particular strength is needed to be able to do this move. It’s a lot of technique and kicking the legs at the right time.

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This tutorial will explain how you can learn it pretty fast with 4 easy steps and add this to your Freestyle calisthenics. I always suggest building the strength to do a clean muscle up as well. Being able to do a clean muscle up will make moves easier to do because of the strength you have and will help you with your static strength too.

Remember to ALWAYS warm up before doing any freestyle training or any training at all. Most of the injuries in street workout are from not warming up enough, warm up your shoulder, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles properly.
This will help you prevent unnecessary injuries to the joints and ligaments that you don’t want to get.

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