08.09.2015 14:09
Day 89: Ready-made training programmes

In the last several days we have given you enough information on how to build your own training programme. We talked about key rules of training planning, shared information about different training principles and even touched periodisation. However, we know that it is hard to start on our own with little experience and ideas. So today we will post a little help for you 😉


Do not take any programmes from magazines or the Internet, even from this site or your friends for granted. They are not dogmas and they do not always produce expected results. We have already covered that during the 100 Days WorkOut programme. At the same time, these programmes can be a good source for ideas and exercises you can try out in your training and see what works and what does not.</quote>

We have already accumulated a plenty of different ready-made programmes and there is a whole section on our site dedicated to them: http://workout.su/article/category/9. We think it is quite enough for a start.

On the other hand, a picture worths a thousand words, so we also have a collection of videos - http://workout.su/video to learn from.

At last, there is icing on the cake, a site by a girl who likes to create training programmes and she does it well - http://darebee.com/workouts.html

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