28.08.2015 19:21
Day 85: Freestyle workout

Another week of the advanced block is gone and we are seven days closer to the new year and the end of the programme but it is too early to celebrate. We have another two weeks of killer training ahead of us. First, as usual, the results of the last week:

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The day has come: the first day of the final advanced block week! It is time to summarise what we have learned so far. Time to sow and time to reap the rewards. Let’s go!

We understand that many have issues with bringing freestyle elements into their training because we have been doing in the same rounds for the whole programme. Now we propose the following:

This week start your session with a warm-up the try something freestyle, then do your rounds (if you cannot do without them or you cannot do freestyle training to provide enough workload). You can also use freestyle training while doing your rounds if you feel like it.

Finally, freestyle. Freestyle is the soul of workout. Without freestyle workout is just a bunch of elements and advanced calisthenics exercises. Freestyle makes workout something bigger than that, something different. To understand workout you need to learn how to do freestyle. When you get it you will understand what is the real difference between basic conditioning and calisthenics and workout. Believe us! This is fun!

A brief piece of freestyle from Beast with movement in space

There is another one from our former site guru, Niko81:

We think you are already getting it. There is a couple of classics:

Freestyle is not show-off, not tricks. This is a new way to train. A new approach to old well-knwon exercises that makes them interesting and more efficient.

If you have been able to perform all advanced techniques than you have enough strength and knowledge to try a bits of freestyle. It can be a little combination, we all started from something small. Stop doubting and go ahead! The most curageous can post your videos in replies.
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