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Day 19. Illness

There's one unspoken truth: . Yesterday I started a conversation on a very unconvinient topic (that, in fact, will eventually touch each and every one of us): injuries. So I've decided to cover this theme once more, as all of us are not invincible (and speaking of what, what should we do for real if everything we want are impressive training results?).

Day 19. Illness

Every sickness is a stress for our entire body. Those times it gathers all the resources for solving the problem and escaping these troubles involving minimal harnessing consequences.

But the fact that isn't as obvious to some individuals as it could be is that in that state you MUST NOT train! Your body is already under stress and it spends energy to recover itself. So when you are ill and there's still a decision in your mind to train nevertheless, it's simply as if you are saying your body "yo dude, I don't think there's enough of pressure for you, here, take another portion". You are creating additional stress which is more likely to make the qhole situation worse and not better! Another question - what for are you doing this? For results? There will be no results if you make your condition worse after this one training session and it will take you a month more to recover. Or do you think that your results will be better after a month without training than after a couple of weeks off?

I know at least two more reasons which forces people to start training during sickness.

First reason - addiction to training. I don't want to tell you all that information about endorphines and dophamines and hormones and ect, but when you just in the very beginning of your training way, every training session is a real high for you. And with every sessions a need for this high is created in your body too. So you have to remember that you are going out to workout, not to get high! You are training to get results, not just to enjoy the process. I don't think that your ultimate goal is to train 100 days out of 100 Days WorkOut program. Your goal is to become better, become healthier, stronger and sexier! So remember this - everytime you train during sickness, you make a step in the opposite direction! Think it over.

Second reason - ego. Your ego tells you "man, I gave my word to train, so I have to train no matter what". Sounds familiar, right? But you are falling into the same mind trap once again! Because you are thinking about going to train because you gave your word, not becuase you want to get results! Why? Because results don't come during sickness, so there is no point in training when you are sick!

So, if you are sick, you are sick. No training sessions, no additional stress to your body, only calmness and recovering! By the way, when you will recover and get back on a track, don't forget to start slowly returning to your previous level. But we will cover this topic more in tomorrow's info-post. So that's all for today! Good luck and take care 😉

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