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Calisthenics in Paris - Amazing Street Workout Presentation 2014 (HD)

Calisthenics is a position of constant movement aimed for a single number in which performed to progress body's condition. Almost closely connected to gymnastics, although not in the same league, a calisthenics workout consists of unguided exercises, with no equipments, that are aimed to progress the body's endurance, increase strength and muscle build up. These exercises are to build up not only the physical strength of the trainee but also their cardiovascular, mental and overall well-being. Calisthenics is aimed at the simplest movements but with utmost results possible.

The finest thing about calisthenics workout is that you won't require a gym to do the exercises and they can be completed anywhere at any time. Being able to exercise entirely, not just the physical body permits a person to develop positive mentality, increasing one's mental health and decreasing the risks of physical injury, depression and stress. Calisthenics also aids to burn out fat, decrease cellulites, tone the body and improve its condition even without the classy equipments.

Some of the most frequent calisthenics workout includes:

Jumping Jacks - a set of movements in which the legs are wide open with the hands long drawn-out and touching above the head and alternating each movement by count. This is usually done even at the beginning of a child's education, extremely basic move. Fortunate for them, children actually discover this activity to be enjoyable unlike for those in the military who actually have to complete hundreds of sets of these just for their training.
Sit Ups - also ordinary and incredibly basic, sit ups are down with the back lying on the floor, hands at the rear of the head, knees folded close jointly and lifting the upper body at counts. This exercise is extremely exhausting since the workout accomplish is for the upper body dissimilar to the usual wher the legs and biceps are involved.

Push ups - a basic movement that needs the trainee to lie down on the floor, face down with both hands flat on the floor, and feet at stand by. The trainee is required to raise themselves up from the floor with the use of their hands and feet and maintain at a normal pace or count. This workouts are essetial to construct strength and muscles in their arms and thighs, these are common for football players.

Pull ups - need an overhead bar in which the trainee will grasp on and lift themselves up by the use of their arms. This calisthenics workout is extremely familiar for people in government services or the armed forces.


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