The sequel to our strength training video. Featuring a variety of exercises which utilise the available environment. Consider this video not as an absolute definitive guide, but as a collection of ideas which conveys an overall ideology of being creative in your training. Take from it what you find useful, and disregard what doesn't work for you. Feel free to modify any of the exercises shown in this video to better suit your own requirements.


Paul Maunder
Dave Sedgley
Dean Cheetham

Plus guest appearances by:

Adam Marr
Claire Cheetham

Music courtesy of Afferent, and The Dark Matter

Thanks to Sam Highfield for use of the green screen

Copyright Northern Parkour 2010

For those of you who send me messages asking about such things, here's a list of the equipment and software used in the production of this video:

Sony Z5 camera
Final Cut Pro (Editing)
Motion (Graphics)
Shake (Digital compositing and rotoscoping)
Pro Tools (Audio Mix)
Color (Colour correction and grading)
Quicktime Pro (H.264 conversion from Apple Pro Res master)


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