Видео / Разное / Dominik Sky - Ring Grip Pushups (level 0.5 to level 666) (HD)

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Age: 22.... Height: 182cm (6')..... Weight: 89kg (196,2lbs)
After I broke my finger in 2 places, my grip, my wrist mobility, and strength were terrible... I started doing some ring grip pushups and discovered that there are countless exercises which can be performed with rings in your hands.
Therefore, I decided I would make a video. I had a lot of fun filming it and I succeeded in getting my wrist strength back. I'm sorry if the video is too long... I hope you find it interesting 😃


27.03.2015 17:45
28.03.2015 00:09
НЕ то слово!
02.11.2015 16:59
4.50 жесть.От страха забился в угол.
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