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No more excuses! Calisthenics and weight training motivation. Start building a better you today!

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Quote from the video:

Dear Excuses,

It's been awhile you haven't heard from me. I took the time to realize what my problems were. Had a hard time staying motivated, constantly wanting to give up and things always got in the way. Always too tired. No time. I was wasting my life away.

Finally decided I needed a change. Started thinking about my future. Setting goals. No limitations, but it has to start now. So I make the time. I'm doing what works best for me. Building a better version of myself. Everything is a process. But I know I will be better. I will succeed. I will strive for the best. No more waiting. No more excuses.

I want to thank you. You made me open up my eyes. Things are very clear now. So I'm saying goodbye to you and a new beginning for me, I wish you well. Sincerely, me.

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Wayne: http://instagram.com/iamfitness_w/

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- Final Fight - Hard Motivational Hip Hop {Rap} Instrumental

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