Calisthenics street workout with shoulder & tricep focus. Very effective exercises using bodyweight only. List of exercises in video&description. New FB-page:

TRICEPS (Also some Shoulder/Chest involvement here):

1. Tricep extension push up
2. Tricep extension push up grip variation
3. Single bar dips
4. Tricep bar extension

(5.) Extreme combination Triceps & Shoulders: Diamond handstand push up (scorpion)

SHOULDERS (Triceps involvement as well):

1. Free handstand pushups (no support)
2. Handstand push ups (HSPU)
3. Hanging high row (90 degree in shoulder, keep elbows high and straight out)
4. Leaning HSPU

This is not a basic level workout, there are more simple great exercises as well. In this routine / workout I focus on the more heavy exercises. Diamond HSPU is one of the heaviest exercises I know for triceps and shoulders (also when comparing with weight-exercises). Using bodyweight exercises only is fully possible to get bigger and stronger arms (triceps) and shoulders.

The difficulty level are varied and can be different depending on the length of the movement, angles, depth, balance support etc. If exercises are too hard, use support and shorter motions in the beginning.
Also suitable for a great home workout with only bodyweight exercises. No gym equipment needed, use chairs/benches etc for variations.
Some of these exercises are difficult and make sure to control the basic tricep extensions first. The exercises can be adjusted by shortening the extension, use more support etc. Be careful and dont go extremely sharp in the angle of the elbows, that will put a lot of stress on them. Always warm up properly before your workout!

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