08.01.2019 07:39
First of all i want to say about myself. Yesterday i figure out that i have to start speaking and writing in English more. I was thinking about of start one more diary. i`ll be practicing my English here. I`d like to say about me some sentences. I`ll be doing it every day little by little and trying not use to translator. I will be using that only for checks of value of my words. If i will be seeing mistakes i`ll be correcting it with that help.

I`ve been learning English very intensively for about two months

It`s an excellent day. I will be trying to do that, but it will be difficult. And not every day i can complete everything.

Waking up at 4:00 am

Reading Russian book 30 min
Duolingo 60 min
Watching English lessons on YouTube for about 60 min
-through each video i was doing L-Sit 10-15 second
Reading English book 10 pages
Reading another English book 30 min
Duolingo 30 minutes
Play the guitar 20 min
Write something in my English daily.
Little workout 30 min
Watching English videos 90 minutes
Listening English audio-book 30 minutes
Translating one song 20 min
Workout or relax
afraid of die with regret
10.01.2019 12:39
it`s time to writing something. Today i got up at 9:40 am. I don`t want to do anything. Hmmm. It`s strange. May am i tired? I don`t think so, because yesterday i got up very late and had a rest for about 10 hours while i was sleeping. Probably i tired that i was doing the same everyday. May am i need to include different in each day? I`ll try to do it. Fuck the plan of the day! I`ll be do what i want! What the most interesting. i`ve already written about it of 1 January in my daily. I wrote i don`t want to make a goals and i just want to do what i want today. But won`t play games and so on. I think it`s good enough for today.

I was watching the English video, when the teacher say that we are doing one big mistake. That mistake is - don`t change our learning process. We will be have to all the time going and going to straight on the top.
afraid of die with regret
11.01.2019 14:24
i`ve got a new record. I could do 25 second of L-sit. I`m so happy)
afraid of die with regret
13.01.2019 21:12
Hi everyone! I`m Dima!) I like dreaming. I`ve dropped out the University in 2019, didn`t study there remained half a year.
I chose the right way for me. And that isn`t include it.
I`m 21 years old. Five years ago i have been very strongly love doing sport and continue doing it. Four years ago i have been giving up the smoking and drinking alcohol. Sport always have been very interesting to me
But i was weak. I couldn`t even do 7 push-up, don`t ask me about pull-up. Little by little i was trying to do something and i was getting result. My favorite in sport is inline skating. I have been doing it six years.
When i go to my University first time, it was physical education. I had to do 5 pull up and i did it. But it was all of i can. Then i have been starting my WorkOut
afraid of die with regret
15.01.2019 14:48
Hi. I`m Dima. I`d like to study English here.
Okay, Hi, Dima. My name is Miriy. I can help you. Sit down please.
Okay, thanks.
Tell me please, Dima. what do you know about English, do you know any English tenses or maybe you know nothing at all.
Yes. I know English little, but i`ve never practiced my speaking skills.
Oh, but it isn`t so bad. You can start to do it without any problems at any time.
Sometimes i seem that my English is so simple, aren`t i?
No, you are mistaken. English is simple language at all. So, if you seem that, you are doing everything correct.
Ok, thanks a lot.
You need just more practice and you`ll be able to get confident in this skill.
Okay, let`s learning English together?
Yeah, sure!
afraid of die with regret
16.01.2019 15:32
Some people think that self-education it isn`t education at all. And you`ll never be able achieve your success if you only have more knowledge and many skills. I don`t know either i absolutely foolish or we don`t understand each other.
afraid of die with regret
28.03.2019 19:07
What do i do in the morning? (not only)

My morning routine usually include
I wake up and get up immediately
Go to the bathroom
Read a book for 15 minutes
Brush my teeth
Drink a glass of water, sometimes i do it before go to the bathroom
I start to do my daily English exercises. It takes usually for about 2-3 hours.
Then i go to the outsize in order to do my workout
After that, i make breakfast and lunch
Eat some food and watching some English videos
Then, i do my daily English exercises one more time. It usually takes for about 1-2 hours. and
Then, i just relax watching something else in English.

In the evening i meet my girlfriend and we watch some kind of film and preparing to the go to bed.
afraid of die with regret