100 Days WorkOut programme was developed as an educational course for beginners in calisthenics and street workout as well as for those who want to get in shape from the scratch. The programme could be easily adapted to any level of fitness background, and the information in programme would be interesting and useful for people who have already been training for several years too.

The programme is based on the circuit training with 3-4 exercises, which are performed one by one without rest in between. Additionally all participants will receive every day posts with information about exercises, training, dieting, workout, motivation and other adjacent areas. Our main goal is to EDUCATE the participants of the programme.

The author of the programme - Anton WasD Kuchumov, one of the founders of Street/Ghetto Workout in Russia and the leader of WorkOut: Fitness from the streets (www.workout.su) project. English version of the programme was developed with the great help of the following people: ogrudko, kiss. I would also like to thank the following people for help with translating the programme into english: ogrudko, @Gunner89, Lezvie, Elvie, Krio, Arhizmei, mtbrDot & Vitali Zhamoidik.


5 reasons to join 100 Days WorkOut Programme
Goals of 100 Days WorkOut programme
Some organizational moments before the start

BASIC block

Day 1. BASIC block routine
Day 2. Warm-up
Day 3. Pull-ups
Day 4. Squats
Day 5. Push-ups
Day 6. Cool down
Day 7. Flexibility and stretching

Day 8. Calorie balance
Day 9. Proteins
Day 10. Fats
Day 11. Carbohydrates
Day 12. Glycemic index
Day 13. Ready-to-use food plan
Day 14. Diet as a life style

Day 15. Proper breathing
Day 16. How to learn pull-ups from the very beginning
Day 17. Caluses from the bar
Day 18. Injuries
Day 19. Sickness
Day 20. How to get back on track
Day 21. 10 000 hours

Day 22. Two basic principles
Day 23. Rest
Day 24. Sleep
Day 25. The best time for training
Day 26. Progress tracking
Day 27. Optimal result
Day 28. Time management

Day 29. New exercise: Lunges
Day 30. Sport and aging
Day 31. Why are you not losing weight?
Day 32. Why are you not gaining muscle mass?
Day 33. Why your muscles hurt after training?
Day 34. Why do people quit training?
Day 35. Motivation

Day 36. Understanding vs Repeating
Day 37. Winter training
Day 38. Bodytypes: Ectomorph, Endomorph & Mezomorph
Day 39. Body fat percentage
Day 40. Genetics
Day 41. Correct form
Day 42. Confidence (more confidence)

Day 43. Last week of BASIC Block
Day 44. Tempo
Day 45. Core muscles & ABS
Day 46. Myths about strength conditioning
Day 47. Cardio: busting myths
Day 48. Brief history of Street Workout movement
Day 49. The END of BASIC block


Day 50. ADVANCED block training scheme
Day 51. Pull-ups (revisited)
Day 52. Squats (revisited)
Day 53. Push-ups (revisited)
Day 54. Lunges (revisited)
Day 55. Listen to yourself
Day 56. Scientific fraud

Day 57. Advanced technique #2
Day 58. Some thoughts on water intake
Day 59: Sports nutrition and supplements. Do you need them?
Day 60. Alcohol and its harm
Day 61. Immune system
Day 62. Muscle cramps
Day 63. The Thoughts on Competitions

Day 64. Advanced technique #3
Day 65. How to do more pull-ups
Day 66. Ligaments and tendons
Day 67. Cardiovascular system
Day 68. 4 factors of Muscle Growth
Day 69. Myofibrils & Mitochondria training specifics
Day 70. Respect others (especially on the Internet)

Day 71. Advanced technique #4
Day 72. How to do more pull-ups
Day 73. Dips
Day 74. How to do a Muscle-Up?
Day 75. Exercise difficulty levels in calisthenics
Day 76. Rules of Sprinting
Day 77. Wise Parable

Day 78. Advanced technique #5
Day 79. Really HEAVY training routine

TURBO block


Day 99. Rest and Announcement